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Altor International

Altor International, over the years, has developed a key sense of the needs of individuals and corporations, the global market and a unique approach to educating. We have successfully provided individuals and corporates with the necessary tools, to not only identify and mitigate potential risks but also survive in a time of crisis. At Altor International, we believe that providing our clients with transparent, resilient and professional services allows them to equip themselves for an ever-changing environment.

Our highly educated and qualified trainers have an incredible passion for security and teaching their clients. Our trainers, with their wide variety of skill sets, qualifications and background experiences, adapt their teachings to all unique environments. They ensure their clients receive the highest quality of courses available. Altor International ensures that the range of products and services we offer are world-class, and are in-line with international industry standards.  We understand the importance of how our programmes may influence the outcome of conflict or hostile situations for many of our clients.

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